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The Komulainen Family Society was founded on 8 July 1995 at Iisalmi Metsäpirtti

The purpose of the family society is to find out the stages and the history of the family, to cherish the traditions of the family and to promote a sense of belonging among the members.

In the Finnish population, there are more Komulainen residents than average in Kuhmo, Sonkajärvi, Sotkamo, Vieremä, Pyhäntä, Iisalmi and Kajaani. A total of around 1,100 of them live in these localities. Komulainen people live in different localities throughout Finland and also in other parts of Europe and in the USA.

Over the centuries, people from Finland have emigrated to different parts of the world, mostly to North America, Sweden and Russia.

The most significant migration from Finland to North America was from the 1870s to the end of the 1920s. One of the first places Finns moved to was Ellis Island in Boston, near New York, in Quebec, Canada. Other moving places used by Finns were Portland (Maine) and Philadelphia (Pa).

Throughout time, Finns have moved to Sweden. During history, the most Finns have moved to the municipalities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Södertälje, Eskilstuna, Västerås, Botkyrka and Borås.

An estimated 25,000–30,000 Finns moved to the Soviet Union in the years 1917–1939, especially during the recessionary period in Finland. In the 1920s and 30s, thousands of American-Finnish returnees also moved to Soviet Karelia.

Finns immigrated to Norway in the 1700s. The first and the most lively migration was in the 1800s. In the second half Finns from northern Norway also immigrated to America as immigrants.

Source: Arkistojen portti. 2023

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